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Everyone wants to compartmentalize and group into hierarchies certain values, principles and concepts.  In politics, this is  what wins elections.  A true leader knows that additional considerations must be made. 

To all of you who are leaders in your own right, whether it is in your business, profession, or home life, you each understand that life does not present simple solutions.  As a leader, you have to evaluate the global picture and carve out the issues from the global perspective to influence solutions and changes.  

With that said, Mario believes you address the Criminal Justice System methodically and systematically by balancing these four major considerations: 1) protecting the US and Texas Constitutions, 2) protecting society, 3) protecting the victims and 4) protecting the accused citizens’ rights in the pretrial and posttrial phases.

After all that, Mario wishes to interpret the law as is required and to ensure that these three (3) core principles are always present during his tenure.
1. Equality

2. Restoring Justice

3. Accountability

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